What affects the increase in diameter of the wheel (drive and tires) on?

Needless to say, a larger radius wheels look on the machine more stylish, glamorous and “cooler”.
What affects tire height on.tire

Tires with low profile:

much tougher, and it leads to a decrease in driving comfort. In other words, you will feel better all the bumps in the road by the fifth point.
help to increase the load on the parts of the car suspension.
contribute to damage of discs due to travel on the road irregularities.
change the appearance of the car for better side(also depends on the disc).
improve driving stability on the road, go into a turn at speed will be easier.
If the low-profile tires are more suited to sports driving, the tires with a high-profile, on the contrary, are better suited for off-road driving.
What affects the radius of the wheels of the car.
If you increase the diameter of the wheel as a whole, then not only appearance of the car is changed, but also its ground clearance will increased.
Impact of weight of the wheel on dynamics and comfort.
As larger the diameter and mass of the wheel is, the more inertia it has, therefore the car will slowly accelerate and brake.