Honda Pilot Review

First generation Honda Pilot it’s a pretty tough act to follow in fact it was one of the first car based 3 row SUV is available on the market knits Gordon really well on our test but nowadays almost every manufacturer has a car based 3 row SUV so Honda redesigned the pilot this time around they made the styling a bit more boxy more truck like. How does this pilot thing in our test let’s find out. When you drive the pilot that makes a pretty good first impression in fact it drives quite a bit better than the last pilot steering it’s well weighted accurate really quite nice body roll also well contained.

Honda PilotThe pilots’emergency handling it doesn’t shine but secure enough their standard stability control, but the limits are pretty low and the speed it went through our voice maneuver it’s fairly modest. The ride is comfortable compliant and composed it’s a Smith say on the highway but there’s road noise lots and lots a road noise all the time it gets really bad on core services and it makes it hard for people in the front seat to talk to passengers in the fact that is kind of a shame because there isn’t much wind noise and the engine well makes a really smooth on. The pilots drive train works pretty well it’s a 3.5 liter V. 6 mated with a 5 speed automatic transmission the automatic its smooth and responsive. Acceleration is decent but it’s not exactly quick you do get a pretty good 18 miles per gallon that. A major disappointment at the pilot parts brakes stopping distances neither wet or dry are fairly long. Visibility out of the pilot is decent there’s large glass area although some of the rear roof pillars get thick when you’re backing up though one nice feature on higher trim levels you get a standard rear view camera.

It’s located in the mirror see don’t need a navigation system. There are some more disappointments in the Hondas interior fit and finish it’s not too impressive thoughts of hard plastics many them look kind of cheap. There’s also a whole lot of pit mines and some pretty large gaps. The controls well you have a big center console but for some reason harder clusters all the controls together down the middle there’s a lot of similar looking buttons specially for the climate controls. And where the shifter is located makes it harder to see you and access some of those controls. But the news isn’t all bad inside the pilot one thing the gauge is there sort of funky 3 be looking but they’re really clear really easy to read. New led Honda Pilot headlight. Also storage there’s lots of room all over get the normal big cubby hole in the console but there’s much more than that. Underneath the sliding cover. Cup holders Big Ben down here. Then here in the middle the dashboard shelves on top of the glove box lots and lots of storage spaces.

The front seats are comfortable and supportive same goes for the second row there’s good room here even for 3 adults. Pilot will fit 8 people that’s pretty impressive because this isn’t that long of a car that 3 of those 8 they better be smart people because there’s not a whole lot of room back in this third row seat you can increase legroom by sliding for the second row and splitting the difference. In the back of a pilot their rear window open separately or you can open the entire lift gate now. With the third row seat up thirsty sing cargo space left obviously he got a lot more fearful down this. But there’s a couple of neat features here as well. You can open this up. And then. There’s a met few get to levels of cargo storage. Bottom line we are disappointed in the new pilot sure it’s still practical size Nick it’s decent feel economy but it’s got some disadvantages in this competitive segment use me at the top of its class now it’s no better than a pack.