Chrysler 200 and Dodge Avenger review

Chrysler’s midsize family sedans are among the lowest scoring sedans in our ratings but after a brush with bankruptcy. Chrysler made a whole bunch of update the knees but the Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger back in the game this. Chrysler 200 is a rebadged updated the Chrysler Sebring. The Avengers which kept this name is based on the same platform. One of the biggest changes is inside the sub level 200 limited has a plush looking interior including a nice clock navigation system uses a familiar garment interface in fact all the controls are pretty simple. Or more down level Avenger has a more basic interior.

Chrysler 200Sure the dashboard padded federal looks fairly austere much like a rental car. Unfortunately spending time either interior just isn’t all that comfortable. The front seats their firm but the rather narrow at least the leather seats in our 200 or more supportive than the cloth seats in our adventure also the cabin is rather narrow for a midsize family sedans that reduces the amount of space you have. Where the type cabin really shows up is in the backseat there’s okay legroom okay headroom but neither of them is generous for family sedan the low seat cushion that diminishes guy support the narrow cabin means type the fit 3. Passengers in back of the Avenger have a hard time seeing out thanks to the tech panel on the back door it’s also a problem for the driver look into the corners when reversing is tough because of the big block panel. The Chrysler 200 has better visibility than the Avenger but it’s still share some problems. Chrysler 200 headlight adjustment, read at site

The roof pillars are fairly thick and the window is a fairly small. Driving the 200 Avenger isn’t really much of a tree police road noise is relatively quiet the right has a decent isolation however the ride isn’t always settled Picard compiled around quite a bit on the highway also wind noise can get to be really annoying. You get the base 4 cylinder engine be prepared for a lot of engine noise to ascension is rough and unrefined it works hard to move the car around. If Pretty crummy fuel economy for 4 cylinder family sedan. The optional 3.6 liter V6 engine is a much better choice ascension is smooth profits quick acceleration and fuel economy is pretty much the same as you get with the force on. Unfortunately 6 be automatic transmission could be calibrated better not all the ships are smooth sometimes it’s reluctant to downshift when you want more power. Breaking performance is not impressive stopping distances are long. Handling doesn’t impress either the 200 and the Avenger both lack agility body roll shows up early in the corners. So Chrysler made some improvements in the 200 and the Avenger better interiors some modern V. 6 engine it’s too little too late these cars remain at the bottom of the competitive family sedan market.