Nissan Safety Shield.

Safety ShieldСCBy the name of the Safety Shield marketers of Japanese companies have joined seven security systems, many of which are already known to motorists, followed closely the news industry. As is the case with similar ensembles from premium brands, the main task of Nissan”Safety Shield” is not to ensure the safety of passengers during an accident (air bag are responsible for this), and prevention of occurrence of emergency itself. The fact is that, in parallel with the driver on the road and watch another digital assistants that can both prevent and to take control of the car itself.

The first to offer these systems began expensive brands. In 2002, the band called Pre-Safe appeared on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Audi joined the arms race with its Pre-Sense complex. However, as is usually the case in the automotive industry, over time the technology go a little bit down from heaven to earth.
Previously, the company offered Safety Shield only for the Nissan Patrol, in 2013 the complex became available for the more budget models.